I am lazy, am I?

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Well, posting my blog, that's true. I'm really lazy, but there are so many things going on at the moment; I'd really like to tell, but it's all confidential. Sticking out tongue

Well. We (AlphaCore team) have lost Christian Balint and Red Hat lost him as well. He was offered with a good job opportunity and took it. Since this job will make him traveling a lot and also will require him to work hard, he will not have time to do much of our AlphaCore thingy.

Well, that's him. Jay Estabrook (Compaq/HP), who is doing much testing on Alpha because he has all kind of Alphas around is doing a great job! Most communication is done via mail between him and myself, so nobody knows about what he is doing and that's way I have to say: Thank you Jay! here at this point.

AlphaCore is getting forward. Nearly every Fedora package has been built for AC now. Bugs have been fixed, bugs have been posted; Some minimal system should work fine already. I just need to push my Alpha to produce installation CDs - I should have a working anaconda now after doing a lot of investigations Smiling
Graphical environment is worse I guess. Since all my Alphas are headless, Jay is also doing this checks and I'm sure we will be getting better in this as well. As soon as Jay has the first screenshot of Quake running on one of his Alphas, we will submit it here!

Major AC point in the last weeks was the storage. I had to move all database instances and the package repository and so on to bigger disks. Well, during that move every process was hitting IO waits; Everything was slow, machines accessing the storage where hitting big loads due to that. Now the array is again split and IO is much better again. Should that interest you? I don't know; Maybe Smiling