Facebook torrent to steal personal data

Data off of Facebook is now accessible to anyone with the Facebook torrent which was created by a hacker with a lot of free time. 171 million Facebook users had their information stolen by a web sprawling code made by Ron Bowes. This torrent file is about 2.8 GB and is accessible to any person online. Facebook said the Facebook torrent is no big deal -- it just contains info on users everyone can get from a Facebook search. Many feel like this is just one more example of how easy it is to hack Facebook with all of the privacy issues they've been having recently. Resource for this article - Facebook torrent hack makes free download of personal user data by Personal Money Store.

171 million Facebook users exposed

171 million Facebook users have now posted online in the torrent their user IDs, names, and profile URLs. Daily Tech reports that Bowes, who heads a company called Skull Security, posted the Facebook torrent on Pirate Bay. As of the morning of July 28, the Facebook torrent had about 13,000 active downloads on Pirate Bay. Info Facebook users didn't hide with privacy setting is shown here. The torrent doesn't include, luckily, those who have privacy settings set to friends only.

Facebook having a hard time with privacy

The Facebook torrent comes at a bad time when Facebook is already suffering the losses from their change on privacy settings to allow commercial use. BBC News has a statement from Facebook saying nobody is going to be hurt by the privacy changed since personal info individuals "agreed to make public" on their own. Tech Crunch thinks that in light of recent events, it would probably be a good precaution to change all your settings on Facebook so they're "friends only." When leaving your settings at "everyone," you are bound to have people like Bowes who are willing to steal you info and abuse it.

Facebook torrent will remain forever

Google, Bing and Facebooksearch are all engines that will show the details that is in the Facebook torrent. The Facebook torrent contains a simple snapshot in one moment in time of Facebook that will last forever, reports Future. Going forward when users delete their accounts or restrict their Facebook privacy settings, that personal info remains accessible to the world on the Facebook torrent.

Facebook torrent hacker targets friends of users

Not only is there one fifth of Facebook users already exposed, but the torrent consists of the programs used to get that details. Bowes said he wants to try and get everyone on Facebook soon, reports Tech Crunch. Until Facebook switches to friends only by default, which is unlikely, users opt out-

Go to Account and Privacy Settings and Applications, Games, and Sites (link near the bottom, in a box) and Public Search and (Uncheck box).

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