Ford Motors and General Motors want far better share of subcompact market

Domestic auto firms have been trying to get a greater portion of the subcompact industry ever since that style of automobile has become more popular in the 1970s. Honda and Toyota have held steady in offering small, fuel efficient vehicles that come with reasonable sticker prices. The domestic auto firms aren't happy about it. That's why Chrysler, GM, and Ford, are trying for decades to rain on the parade. There are two fuel efficient and easy on the wallet automobiles coming out fairly shortly, being the Chevy Cruze and revamped Ford Motors Focus. Both car makers seem to be poised for aggressive marketing of those models.

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The brand new look General Motors rolls out the Chevy Cruze

Nothing might be further from the truth if a person thinks General Motors is only about Camaros, Corevettes, and Suburbans. Currently, you will find two models Chevrolet offers that for under $ 15,000 and get more than 25 mpg, the Cobalt and Aveo. You will find two and four door versions of each. Toyota and Honda have a fair bit to be worried about, as the Chevy Volt is for the hybrid crowd and the Cruze is aimed right at the heart of the subcompacts. The Cruze, according to the NY Times, will get 26 mpg City and 36 mpg highway. It doesn't cost a lot either. The base model will list for $ 16,995.

Oh, Ford Motors is nevertheless right here as well

Ford Motors offers a subcompact which has been selling really well. The Fiesta gets 29 mpg city, and 40 mpg highway. The Focus is getting a facelift, and a new one can be out in 2012. The basic Focus now gets 25 mpg. A Focus is only $ 16,640 and also the Fiesta lists at $ 13,320. The Honda Civic goes for around the exact same amount. As does the Toyota Corolla. Since Chrysler and Fiat are now one, expect a Fiat via Chrysler sometime soon.

The brand new appearance Big Three

The Big Three domestic auto firms, or Ford Motors, GM, and Chrysler, took some serious stick in the last few years, and all three want to change people's opinions of the,. It is not that none of those companies have ever tried to sell a subcompact - far from it. All three will get pushy about the new cars though. It may be a good time to purchase American again.

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