The expensive part of inexpensive movies in the DMC

A club for purchasing movies, the Disney Movie Club offers movies at a price. A package has 4 DVDs at a heavily reduced cost. There is, however, a big snag. As with most advertising clubs, the catch can be a really costly thing to miss.

The DMC deal

Recently, the DMC has gotten more popular. There has been much more interest in it. You are able to get Disney Movie Club DVDs for quite affordable. They will cost you $1.99 each right now. The Disney Movie Club library includes about 1,600 movies, including both the "traditional" animated Disney movies and live-action choices. Regularly, starting within the Disney Movie Club demands a fee of $19.95.

The snatch is there still

While getting four movies for $7.96 sounds like a good package, there's a hook. The Disney Movie Club requires that you purchase at least five "full-price" films within the next 2 years. It will automatically pick which films are shipped to you. You can be getting movies in the mail. You have to send them back if you don't want them. The films have to be sent back in a week. Two weeks could be the longest you have. The Movie needs to be returned fast enough. If it isn't, you'll get charged automatically.

Exactly what it could cost to be in the DMC

While media clubs like the Disney Movie Club sound like a great package, it is important to keep in mind what the real cost might be. "Full price", which is $30 or more sometimes, is exactly what you'll pay for the DVDs mailed to you by advertising clubs. You can get the automatic charge canceled, but only by mailing the Movie back really easily. If you are a fan of Disney movies, it might be less expensive to just purchase the films when they come out. Numerous like the DMC because they get a lot of films. Also, the films come automatically. Some of you might be thinking that you are trying to pinch pennies. If this is you, just wait a month or so and buy them movies discounted and used.


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