St. Louis tops list of the United State's most dangerous places

The CQ Press “Most Hazardous Cities” listing angers cities across the country each year. The most dangerous city in America is St. Louis. Last year's leading city, Camden, N.J., was relegated to runner up. Those who end up on the listing are critical of CQ's methods, however the publisher states its rankings motivate accountability by presenting uncomfortable realities. Source of article - St. Louis singled out at the top of Most Dangerous Cities list by Personal Money Store.

The United State's biggest risk places

St. Louis was after Camden on the CQ biggest risk places listing. Now the 2009 one shows St. Louis at the top. Detroit, Mich., was number three, followed by neighboring Flint. The fifth on the list was Oakland CA. Places within the United States are compared depending on violent crimes by CQ Press. Auto theft, burglary, aggravated assault, murder, rape and robbery are all included in this list. You will find 2,070.1 chaotic offences per 100,000 individuals in St. Louis based on the 2009 survey. Throughout the whole nation, the average is much lower than that. 429.4 is the average. 18 points ahead of Detroit was Camden which was also seven points behind St. Louis.

Investing in a say on chaotic crime data

The most hazardous cities are rated by CQ Press. FBI criminal offense data has to be used for this. The methodology of the survey is something that the Associated Press reports area officials and criminologists question. Putting out the most hazardous places listing is not very responsible. This is the opinion of the St. Louis Police Department reports the AP. The AP was also able to speak with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program unit chief, Greg Scarbro, who said that ratings like this from FBI data is something the FBI does not approve of. A spokesman for the mayor's office in St. Louis said criminal offense has gone down each year since 2007. Camden Mayor Dana Redd told the Philadelphia Daily News that CQ issued a "flawed" report, published "for the sake of making a buck.".

The most secure cities within the United States of America according to CQ

A border area that has a ton of Mexican drug violence right next to it, El Paso, TX, was named by CQ press as the safest city in the U.S. Honolulu was second most secure and NY City was third. El Paso made number one for the first time within the survey after ranking as high as 2nd or 3rd within the CQ safest cities report.

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