Folks, it's simple. We are not Red Hat.
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I had a lot of work the past days. I'm working hard to get Fedoras RPM BuildSystem (plague) up and running. As I'm some kind of version junkie, I wanted to get the latest and greatest plague. Go and get the HEAD branch I thought. It's almost working fine, after I struggled with mock and yum versions and especially SSL.

In the next few weeks/days (I'm really not sure). I'll post an URL here and let you see the buildsys.

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Hi I have activated the user points module. Just for fun... Smiling

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Quite often, the captcha showed strange characters; It wasn't possible to identify them, so registering as a new user was quite hard. Smiling

However, I fixed it.

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City of Vienna deploys Red Hat

Read the full story: Red Hat News.

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Nothing more to say: Smiling Eye-wink Sad Laughing out loud Evil Sticking out tongue Shocked Puzzled Cool Jawdropping! Barf!

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We now have also pointing to this site. Thanks to , especially to Mr. Georg Aschenfeld!

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it's always good to have some putty...

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... and I'm still happy to own this domain. Sticking out tongue

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This site is running Drupal as you might have already noticed. It's my first Drupal site and I haven't added a lot of modules yet. However. If someone believes some module is missing or another theme might fit better, don't hesitate to contact me.

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You will ask yourself. Why does this private person own Simple answer: Why not? It expired. I knew the date. I bought it.
First of all, I might need to say that I'm working with Red Hat Linux since a long time now. And I like it. I'm also involved in the Fedora project...

However. Registered users will be allowed to post information here; Any kind of information. If they don't like Red Hat and want to tell it here, they are free to do so. If you want to say: Red Hat, I love you; Please feel free!

To keep it simple and short: Free speech for everyone here.

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