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Developing mobile applications can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Yahoo! Blueprint helps alleviate this pain by providing a single way to develop mobile applications. With Blueprint, you can author a mobile application one time that can be targeted at mobile devices with a browser, allowing you to reach many users. In this tutorial, learn how to develop a weather mobile widget using the Yahoo! Blueprint platform.

Learn how automated Web testing enhances your visibility and control over dynamic Web content. The e-Kit includes demos, on demand webcasts, podcasts, articles and case studies to learn how automation can improve your Web site quality and help you comply with privacy and accessiblity standards.

IBM Frequent Subgraph Miner is a data-mining tool that uses the a priori algorithm for finding related sets of items in transactional data and expands the existing algorithm by graphing structured data. This technology includes a sample data set, which consists of 340 chemical compounds; a resulting research report, which describes the algorithm used in detail; and complete instructions, which describe how to use this tool.

Learn about Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality, a functional and performance testing tool for ensuring the quality of web service based SOA applications.

Use the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 to create a stand-alone Web services application that can be run from the console. In this tutorial, the first in a series, start by getting familiar with the Eclipse IDE. Configure the environment; create projects, packages, and classes; then run the application from the command line.

Discover a plug-in that extends WebSphere Business Modeler's import capability to enable import of PowerPoint slides, focusing on converting PowerPoint process diagrams to WebSphere Business Modeler process definitions. A pre-defined set of mappings form the basis for transformation between the two formats.

This "Mastering Eclipse" series of articles teaches complete newcomers to Eclipse the ins and outs of the Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment). By the end of the series, you'll be on par with advanced users. In this article, learn about working with various parts of the Eclipse Java Development Tools.

Learn about Rational Functional Tester, an automated functional and regression testing solution for QA teams concerned with the quality of their Java, Web-based, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, terminal-based, SAP, Siebel and Web 2.0 applications.

Download the Web Service Engine for Accelerating SOA System Development toolkit. This toolkit can transform schemas to any desired schema type; drive and stub enterprise applications; facilitate generation of highly customized data files; and reverse-engineer legacy data files.

Combining multiple ease-of-use features with granular detail, Rational Performance Tester simplifies the test-creation, load-generation and data-collection processes that help teams ensure the ability of their applications to accommodate required user loads.

PHP V5.3 is designed to prepare developers for PHP V6 when it comes by adding new features, cleaning up existing features by tweaking the functionality, fixing platform-specific issues, and deprecating old features that won't be in future versions of PHP. In this "What's new in PHP V5.3" series, discover the new features and see how they can be used in your Web application.

Learn about open source tool options that can help speed up your build process by distributing the process across multiple machines in a local area network.

Experience how IBM Rational Quality Management makes it easier for your entire software team to accelerate both project quality and timelines. Quality Manager is a collaborative, Web-based solution designed to be used by test teams of all sizes to seamlessly share information and use automation to accelerate and communicate project schedules.

Do Firefox3 and Internet Explorer 7 look different? What's the best way to get these browsers to behave the same way? Should you use pixels or em values? In this article, learn how to standardize displays on Web portals running on Firefox and IE. Also, discover tips for using em values to make the job of developing the contents of portals, including Ajax applications, much easier.

Become an expert administrator of a reliable Kerberos environment with high availability, involving multiple Kerberos master-slave Key Distribution Centers (KDC) on AIX and many clients. Part 2 of this series covers how to upgrade the slave KDC to perform as a master KDC.

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